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Our Current Services with more coming in the future;

Services for the General Public:

1) Community Buy and Sell Group via , which is free for non-businesses to list items they wish to sell.

2) Local Product Procurement e-Store via , exclusive products and special pricing organized by us, from awesome local businesses.

3) Mobile Buying Service as Estate Buyers and Canadian Pickers via , we are selective buyers for many items.

Services for the Businesses:

1) Virtual Sales Representative offering businesses our service of a virtual sales representative, we will act in a professional manner with the sole goal of bringing your business new customers.

2) Virtual Marketing Representative we offer to create and/or maintain your social media presence and your local presence,leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

3) Virtual Purchasing Officer Have us investigate getting your business a better price and/or a better supplier on items you buy on a one time or reoccurring basis. We are looking to save you money.

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